Cleena Bin    - Keeping your Wheelie Bin Clean and germ free ! CALL 07974 888006

   You can have a sweet smelling and germ free wheelie bin again. Call Cleena Bin, we are ready to help. 
We will thoroughly wash your wheelie bin inside and out using our environmentally approved cleaning system, it will be disinfected , dried, have a special wheelie bin liner fitted and lastly sprayed with a deodoriser to keep it fresh  and germ free.
 We offer competitive rates for cleaning your Wheelie bins :-

  Monthly - cleaned every other refuse collection day ( every 4 weeks )

  •      £3.50 -  one general waste wheelie bin - grey bin (South Ribble) or green bin (Chorley)

     N.B."One off" Cleans can be done at  a  cost of  £10.00 per bin due to the time taken to get the bin in a pristine condition    
        Cash payment at time of cleaning only, we do not collect  money in evenings.
             Have your brown/ garden waste bin cleaned between April and October, £20.00 for  5 cleans. One off clean @ £10.00 due to the time taken to clean thoroughly.

   Blue/recycle bin this can be cleaned all year round either 4 or 8 weekly , £21.00 for  6 cleans. one off clean £10.00 due to the time taken to clean thoroughly.

 See payment details on our Contact Us page
dirty bin  

Bin before clean

                                                                                          After cleaning
bin after cleaning
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